On the September 28th, the Equal Society's homeless theater group "Walkabout" successfully traveled for a…"Petrosoupa", winning the applause of the hundreds of spectators who flooded the "STATHMOS" theater.

It was an evening of solidarity with a bag of food like tickets, which were gathered for the social meal "People’s Meals" in Kolonos.

The show told the story of three wise men crossing a mountainous country and trying to learn what it is that makes humans happy.

After the end of the play, the audience congratulated the theater group «Walkabout» and had the opportunity to talk with them about the experience of drama therapy which they experience and how this helped them to turn into fully functional members of the fabric of society.

The performance was attended by the representatives of leading private companies, charitable foundations and the municipality of Athens including the president of the Municipal Creche, mrs Popi Giannopoulou, who supported once again the action of Equal Society.

The evening ended with smiles and the promise that the appointment will be renewed in the next performance of the theatrical group "Walkabout" of our Organization.

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