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Your contribution to Equal Society is a practical help in our effort to build a world with equal opportunities for all.

Our fellow human beings of all ages need help. All together we can spread the network of solidarity as an umbrella and allocate our surplus for those in need.

We can stand next to our fellow citizens by offering:

  • Dry food
  • Long-life foods in jars
  • Canned foods
  • Pasta
  • Legumes
  • Floor
  • Coffee, sugar, evaporated milk
  • First aid medicines
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Cleaning Products
  • Money Contribution

Free English & Computer Lessons

The "e-gnosis" program stands as a nationwide initiative that has been consistently enhancing education in new technologies and foreign languages since its inception in 2012. It provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and validate it with recognized certifications, thereby empowering them to take their next professional step.

Since its launch, thousands of learners have enrolled in the "e-gnosis" program, enriching its value and underscoring the market's increasing demand for candidates proficient in new technologies and the English language.

Free English & Computer Lessons

In alignment with our core values, which prioritize aiding those in need and advancing equal opportunities in education, our organization actively supports members of vulnerable social groups, the unemployed, students, public and private employees, members of large families, and more, by offering:

  • Complimentary English language education aimed at achieving the globally recognized TOEIC certification, accredited by the Hellenic American Union in partnership with ETS (Educational Testing Service), the foremost authority in exam development and administration.

 The TOEIC certification holds international recognition:

  • Professionally, it is valued by entities such as ASEP (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection), the Public Sector, and over 10,000 companies spanning 120 countries.
  • Academically, it is accepted by universities both domestically and abroad.
  • Free training courses in fundamental computer skills, leading to certification from Vellum Global Education Services, an organization endorsed by ASEP.

English lessons

Computer lessons

To cater to all individuals, we've established daily remote classes utilizing modern and asynchronous educational methods. These sessions offer the invaluable guidance of specialized instructors through an advanced e-learning platform, equipped with updated educational resources.

Participation in this program necessitates adherence to the outlined terms, requirements, and procedural rules provided below. 

The total cost for advanced courses is subsidized, contingent upon your commitment to participate in certification exams (English exam fee: 150 euros, computer exam fee: 140 euros).

Candidates are expected to pay an additional 100 euros, in addition to the exam fee, as the beginner course program entails an extended duration of 2 additional months of classes (totaling 250 euros).  

Please note: To validate your application, it must be submitted digitally, and you must follow the registration steps outlined in the email you will receive from Equal Society.

New courses will commence immediately, with scheduled certification exams conducted regularly to accommodate the needs of individuals seeking to advance their career prospects.

Certificates will be promptly issued upon application submission.