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    Social Value Greece is a network focusing on highlighting social impact and promoting social value in every aspect of everyday life of institutions, businesses and organizations. We aim to change the way social value is valued. Using social impact assessment methodologies and with the help of our highly trained partners, we provide monitoring and evaluation services to Non-Governmental Organizations, Public Law Legal Entities, Enterprises with Corporate Social Responsibility Programs and any other body that implements socially targeted programs. We seek to make measuring social performance part of the routine of any for-profit or non-profit organization in order to increase their social impact (and their beneficiaries) and reduce social and economic inequality.

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  • 7 principles of Social Value Greece

    1. Participation of stakeholders - Stakeholders should be actively involved in the study.
    2. Understand the changes - Say that the change affects those involved.
    3. Evaluate what matters - Value refers to the relative importance of possible results and results from the preferences of those involved.
    4. Include only the essentials - Specify which information and information should be included in the report.
    5. Do not exaggerate - Capture only the value of the results for which each activity is actually responsible.
    6. Transparency - Show what the basis is on which you base that your analysis is considered valid and honest.
    7. Verify the results - Ensure appropriate independent certification.

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