Shelter of Homeless People of the Municipality of Athens

  • Objective of the Structure

    Employees and volunteers of our Organization support the Shelter of Homeless People of the Municipality of Athens located in the center of Athens. It is one of the largest modern structures, with specialized staff that can accommodate up to 400 homeless people.

    The Homeless Center has a Day Center, Bedroom and Guesthouse. At the Day Center, which has bathrooms and washing machines, the homeless can wash their clothes and take a private bath. There are places to store their personal belongings and places where they can access the Internet, watch TV and eat. In the Dormitory the homeless can take refuge to sleep, while in the Hostel they can stay for as long as necessary in order to re-integrate into society.

    The goal of the Structure is for the people who will join it to balance psychologically, physically and socially, in order to "return" to society.

  • Beneficiaries
  • Basic registration documents

    In order to join the Shelter of Homeless People, the person interested is invited to provide the following documents:
    1. Photocopy of identity card
    2. Certificate of Tax ID
    3. Certificate of AMKA (Social Security Registration Number)
    4. Diagnostic test results that certify that it is not positive for COVID-19
    5. Not be an asylum seeker
    Additional supporting documents are also examined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Open Library

Contact details

  • Address: 1 Acharnon Str. Athens, PC 10438, Greece
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