What We Do


We offer full-time scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students, young and old, who cannot afford to pursue their studies. We provide training in new technologies and English language that allows vulnerable groups to obtain accredited certificates.

We offer the opportunity to refugees and migrants to be trained in basic computer skills, Greek, English and French. Education is the answer for a better world.

Social Welfare

Our goal is to enable our “visitors” to eliminate the habits of institutionalization and create the necessary conditions for their reintegration. Our structures to date have provided more than 950,000 portions of food. We have developed two social pharmacies, we provide medical support, and we created a social housing project and two major shelters for homeless people.

At the same time through street work we support homeless people in Athens, Corfu and Lefkada. We also provide legal assistance to homeless, socially excluded and other people in need.


More than 840 people have received services by the Counseling Center during the job search process. The zhteitai.gr project is a job search and education platform that stands close to the most vulnerable people. Beneficiaries of the Community Centers and of the social structures in the country will now be able to have instant access to job Opportunities.

Our Social Economy Support Center of Lefkada provides counseling services to support and develop social enterprises.


The participation in cultural activities can inspire vulnerable groups and mobilize them in order to explore parts of them. Our cultural projects can develop self-confidence, self-esteem and even offer opportunities for a new perspective on life.

Our Organization through the only theatrical group for homeless people in Greece, book presentations, photography lessons and cinema aims to highlight the value of Art and how an artistic activity can help and empower the most vulnerable groups of the population.


In collaboration with the Center for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) we have developed an innovative initiative aiming at the integration of drug addicts through adventurous sports.

At the same time in cooperation with the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, we are implementing Paralympic Sports activities for integrating refugees with disabilities into the Greek society.

Research - Evaluations

Social Value Network in Greece: An initiative to develop a nationwide Social Value network in Greece and establish monitoring and evaluation methods for organizations as part of their daily operation.

More than 50 Non-Governmental Organizations, social enterprises, municipalities  and private companies have been evaluated.
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