About Us

Equal Society

Κοινωνία Ίσων Ευκαιριών

Equal Society was established in February 2010 as an independent and non-profit organization aiming at carrying out actions for combating social exclusion, unemployment and poverty. Our primary objective is to support and inform citizens on the issues related to equal treatment and non-discrimination in all areas of social life.

We are an awarded organization with a strong presence around Greece. We raise awareness and inform citizens about their rights on equality and non-discrimination especially in education, employment, social security, health and human rights.

For all of us at Equal Society, the word Equality is what we are looking up to. We support tens of thousands of people. We advocate and we fight about their basic human rights.

Each of our initiatives is designed in order to create equal opportunities for all.
Every project we create is based on professional planning, emotional intelligence, social impact and empathy.

We are here to support those who need us.

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