The theatrical group of homeless people of our Organization, "Walkabout", brought to life "Molly Sweeney" in a totally emotional show.

The members of the theater group are not professional actors, but people who face the spectrum of homelessness. They found the strength and went up on the stage of "STATHMOS" theater, offering the spectators a journey of emotions, and won their applause.

The show was an atmospheric passage from darkness to light. After all, homelessness is just that. A constant struggle of redefinition. Orthodoxia, Christos, Christoforos, Theodora, Dimitra and Maria, highlighted the diversity and made a statement of acceptance. Just as the protagonist of the play does. Molly, an independent woman, blind from the age of ten months, seems to be living happily in the dark. But her entourage reacts. Maybe in the end Molly Sweeney was not the blind one, but everyone else was.

At the end of the performance, our Organization and the members of the theatrical team honored the Mayor of Athens, Mr. Konstantinos Bakoyannis, for his support throughout this enormous effort, which took place in pandemic conditions. He said: "Culture is undoubtedly a unique form of reintegration and Equal Society and its theatrical team, who have taught us life lessons, deserves a huge applause."

The General Secretary of Social Solidarity and Fight against Poverty, Mr. George Stamatis, was also honored for the continuous support of the theatrical group but also for the initiatives he undertakes to confront the social problem of homelessness. He stated that "It’s the dynamic development of these people we admired today ".

Equal Society will continue to support our most vulnerable fellow citizens with its social structures and with its effective field actions as well. In the next days Equal Society plans a series of on-site interventions (street work) to our homeless fellow citizens and drug addicts in order to form an effective safety net for those in need.


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