We laughed to tears. The theatrical group of homeless people "Walkabout" of our Organization won the audience and was applauded during the presentation of the comedy "Ta radikia anapoda" written by G. Galitis, at the "Stathmos" theater.

Orthodoxia, Spyros, Chris, Markela, Theodora and George, members of the theater group, alternated on stage pretending roles of the inconsolable friends and close relatives of people who died.

With great preparation and under the guidance of the director, member of Equal Society Pan. Dorlis , the members of the theatrical group "Walkabout" overcame their own serious social problems and taught the audience that we all can overcome our difficulties.

The theatrical group "Walkabout" of our Organization will continue its wonderful journey by preparing other new performances. "Today, we saw with our own eyes that through theater and drama therapy we have positively changed the lives of our fellow citizens," said the head of Equal Society, Spyros Frementitis.

The performance was honored by the presence of the actress Anna Fonsou, president of the Foundation "The Actor's House", of George Stamatis, General Secretary of Social Solidarity and Combating Poverty of the Ministry of Labor, of Popi Giannopoulou, secretary of the Municipal Council of Athens , of the actress Nadia Kontogeorgi and many others.

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